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New exchange

To open a new network on this server, carefully read and follow the directions below.

Do you really want to open a new network?

  • If you want to just create an account on a network within the system, go to and select your country.
  • If you want to try the program and the service go to Please do not create a new network just to test, since this leads management work and takes resources.

Create an alternative currency that is really useful is a task that requires a lot of dedication and effort. There are many cases of networks that begin without a sufficiently motivated group and end up losing. So before you open the network is important to think about the objectives and characteristics of the currency, how to spread the idea, how to manage the incidents, find how are similar initiatives ... When you have everything ready go forward!

What IntegralCES has to offer?

If you are already determined to create a new alternative currency, you see that there are many possibilities to manage it. The first step is to decide to use an online virtual support. We think it is a very good decision because it will greatly facilitate the management and you will have a much safer, and much more transparent information system.

The IntegralCES software and the service has characteristics that may suit your requirements:

  • IntegralCES is open source with GPLv2 or later license, and therefore you can always help develop new features or fix bugs. This is also a guarantee of transparency for users.
  • IntegralCES has been developed by activists of exchange networks in Catalonia. No company, government or institution is behind and this fact guarantees its independence and that the sole purpose is to give a good support for virtual alternative currencies.
  • IntegralCES was conceived as a modern, open source alternative to the well known platform CES. This ensures that is based on concepts that have proven to be robust and well suited to exchange networks in local communities.
  • IntegralCES is born with the will to create networks, and that is why it has several protocols to interconnect with other management platforms social currency.

Going into greater detail, there are some characteristics that may surprise you at first:

  • Is always the salesman or saleswoman who enters the transaction. This is very suitable for networks with a degree of informality because who is interested must make the effort to enter the platform and record the sale. Buyers have the ability to manually or automatically accept the fees they receive.
  • The balance of accounts is public. This gives a very high degree of transparency to the system and the social control avoids any cheating or corruption, while little compromises the privacy of users.
  • The program integrates the banking service with a marketplace and a blog, which serves as a single platform to manage social currency, announce the skills and products of members and transmit organization news.

For more information on the operation of IntegralCES, visit the web site documentation.

Terms of Use

Before you open submit your network, it is very important that you read, comprehend and accept the conditions of use of the service that can be found in

The terms of use include a small annual financial contribution for each network to maintain service. Thus it is the community of users who self-manages the platform and therefore they have effective control.

Go ahead!

If the network is already operating at CES system we can automatically import all the data without losing the history. In this case do not fill in the form below but please contact us directly at and we explain how to do the migration.

To register a new network system fill the form below. Note that it has several tabs. Pay special attention to the Code field (four uppercase letters), that is the network identifier and the four letters which start all account numbers within your network. You must also choose carefully the name of the currency and the symbol. The value of the currency is useful for exchange with other networks. For reference, think that the euro has a value of 0.1 in the networks that already exist within the system.

Follow this link to go to the form:

Create a new network!

Happy trading!
IntegralCES team